What does it look like to work in the biomedical field?

During the conference our speakers described not only their job, but also and more importantly their way to get it. Among anedoctes useful tips were given.

We want adress them a huge thank you for their insights!

Also we would like to thank you! You were more than 60 to show up. That means a lot to us.

Stay tuned, in the following weeks our second series of interviews will be out! The theme remain the same, but the approach and the answers differ.

Meanwhile, if you don’t remember the name of the speakers or just want to contact them, here it is:

Constantin Krempp

He is an R&D engineer at Artedrone (Start-up in micro-robotics) and an analyst at Truffle Capital (Paris-based VC fund with a strong specialization in the BioMedTech field).

As an R&D engineer, it consists in  developing navigation protocols and micro-robot manufacturing. This is a very technical job.

As an analyst, it consists in sourcing and evaluating medical technologies that may shape the future of medicine. It can involve deep analyses as well as bigger picture comprehension of various medical fields.

His contact: contantin.krempp@gmail.com

Here is more on Artedrone and Truffle companies

Toscan Donat

He is Mako product specialist at Stryker.

It consists in providing clinical product support to orthopedic surgeons using the Mako Robotic Surgery Products. It involves also the responsibility of providing enhanced surgical planning, on-site guidance and assistance during surgical procedures using the Mako technology.

His contact if you see an open position at Stryker and need help: donat.toscan@gmail.com

Here is more on Stryker company

Prisca Morand

She’s a field engineer working in cardiac rythm management at MicroPort CRM.

It consists in provident technical support to physicians during Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices implantations, as well as for patients’ follow-up.