This edition of First Job in SV, no less than 8 alumni came and talked about their very diverse first job experiences.

Nicolas Gobet is 2011 master graduate in bioengineering from EPFL. Through IGem he had the chance to meet a professor from Stanford, from who he had the opportunity to do an internship of 1 year at the University of Stanford. After a year in Stanford, he found a PhD offer at IMTEK in Germany and stayed there from 2012-2015. The next two years Nicolas worked at Covance as a project manager from 2016-2017. In 2018, after winning EPFL Innogrants he finally decided to found his own start up, called Instoa implied in the digitalization of clinical trials.

Alberto told about his rich experience in EPFL associative life, namely he has been president of SV Industry. During his master studies he did several internships for instance at Merck and Roche. In 2017, he became a master graduate in bioengineering with minor in Management of Technology and entrepreneurship (MTE). Having done an internship and his master project at Roche, he went back there to work as product manager.

Jean-Charles graduated from EPFL with a master in Bioengineering and Biotechnologies with a minor in Biomedical technologies in 2012. He had the chance to find a master thesis opportunity in Italy, that has brought a lot to him. His first job was at Baxter as quality analyst in the product validation process. Nowadays he works at Merck as QA engineer.

Giulia graduated from EPFL with a master in Life Sciences and Technologies and a minor in Molecular Medicine and Systems Biology. After a lab immersion in Brisken Lab and an internship at Abionic, she went to University of Bern to do her Master thesis at ARTORG Center. During her master thesis she worked on Acute lung injury on-chip. At the moment she’s working at Alveolix as lab manager and project manager with a small but multidisciplinary team, with whom she’s facing different task and challenges.

In 2017, Léa graduated from EPFL with a master in Bioengineering. She told about the difficulties of applying and finding a job, after several postulations, few answers and one job offer, she started working at Lunaphore Technologies, start up from 2014, as junior R&D.

In 2017, Léa graduated from EPFL with a master in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering. She shared about her rich experience in internship in industry as well as in academia, namely at McGill in Montréal, Canada. After finishing her master thesis at Concordia University in Canada, she came back to Switzerland to find a job. She was fortunate enough to get one job offer after 3 postulations, nowadays she works as field Engineer at MicroPort CRM.
In 2015, Ted graduated with a Engineer’s bachelor degree from EPFL in Life Sciences and Technologies. During his bachelor years, he has been part of IGem and he’s also much involved in associations, namely JE (Junior Entreprise) about which he said was adding value to his CV. After graduation he started working at McKinsey&Company as fellow analyst in Geneva, then he became associate and later on junior engagement manager in Boston-US. He’s planning on persuing an MBA and maybe later on creating a start up

In 2009, Marc graduated with a master in Bioengineering and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. During his studies he’s been part of SV Industry and did his master thesis at MIT in Media Lab after which his first job experience was at Accenture in business consulting, at the moment he works as senior advisor at Calebo Capital SA.

We hope that you enjoyed this edition of First Job SV and wish you a very happy end of year.