Wondering how to find your first job? How to apply for it?

SV industry has provide you with some help in this though thought process. Indeed our event First Job came back !

First, thank you to all of you who attended it! You were numerous, almost 50! That motivate us to prepare you the upcoming events. So stay stuned, news are coming!

In this edition four SV alumni have shared their experience and insights.  We would like to thank them !

Don’t reckon the name of one of the speakers or just willing to contact them? Don’t worry, here is a little recap to help.

Veronica Pagano

She took the opportunity to become a Quality Engineer joining Motiontech for her first job. Her responsibility was to support the head of QA/RA with the main objectives of implementing a viable Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO134485 and including the new MDR requirements. Since the team was small, she gave support to other activities such as production, R&D, marketing and business development. 

Here is more on Motion Tech: GET STARTED | MotionTech

silver microscope
Jerome Wagner

Scientist at Abionic, where there are around 60 workers. 

He is in charge of managing projects aiming at the development of diagnosis tests in vitro. He is part of the team of R&D. From the input design to the transfert to the production he is handling the documentation, experiments design, analysis and also the presentation of the results to the different stakeholder in the intern and extern. 


Here is more on Abionic: https://abionic.com/fr.

Hoang Pham

He is an Application Engineer at Genhom.

He helps lab users getting rid of their paper or excel based workflow by providing them with their sample management software.

Hacer Arik

She is working as a Fellow in Clinical Data Management at Debiopharm.

The mission of the Data Management Team is to collect, clean and manage subject data to generate high-quality data that can be used for statistical analysis.

She takes part in activities such as review of study documentation, QC of the Trial Master File, queries management and Case Report Form designing.

Here is more on  Debiopharm | We develop for patients and their quality of life