During this event several SV students talked about their internship in industry. They gave answers to various questions, such as: how they did find an internship, how the experience was, what are the outcomes, what are their advice and much more. This year we were fortunate to have students with various experiments all around the world, whether it was within Europe or from America to Asia.

Juliane Dervaux (Genohm at EPFL Innovation Park) talk about the pros of doing an internship close to the campus, in a “big” startup that was been recently acquired by a big company. She also explained how quickly the computer science background given by the SV bachelor allowed her to be performant and useful in this “coding oriented” internship.
Julie Laurent worked for Biostage in Boston and her speech focused on how important perseverance is as finding a internship in the US is everything but easy. She mentioned the different resources EPFL students could rely on and how to make the best of it.
Anna Vybornova was very hesitating between an attractive position for a big pharmaceutical company with salary and accommodation in Basel and another one, in Neuchâtel with a lower salary and no accommodation. She explained how she made a decision using a “rational and systematic reasoning” and how important the environment of work and colleagues is. She finally went for the internship in CSEM (Blood Pressure Monitoring) in Neuchâtel and still work for them while doing her master.
Sara Ancel relied on the Ingénieur du Monde platform and went to Viet Nam. There, she discovered how her bio-engineering studies could be used and fell in love with the country and its culture.
Jeremy Crobe was able to get an internship at the INSEP (Paris) and worked close to Olympic athletes doing analysis of sport data. He insisted on the great computer science tools that are taught in SV and how quickly he was able to become effective.
Bryan Frey for Abbvie