Link to the recording:

Two simple words, THANK YOU!

We were expected a lot of you but you still exceeded our expectations

Of course, a huge thank you to the speakers who gave up an evening to come and share their incredible journey with you!

We understood that some of you may not have been able to attend to our event and that is why we have decided for the first time to upload the video of the conference on our website.

We wish to see plenty of you to our next events. Have a nice week!

The SV Industry Committee

Speakers of this event:

  • Vincent Delattre co-founder of Onward, a company that aims to make paralyzed people walk again
  • Martina Coscia, neuroscience consultant at Confinis
  • Edoardo d’Anna, team lead at Kernel, which develops non-invasive headsets to measure brain activity    
  • Nicolas Vachicouras, co-founder of Neurosoft bioelectronics, developing implantable electrodes for the nervous system.