Hello fellow SV students,

We hope you had a great summer. This year, we are coming back stronger than ever and we need you to make it happen. In the following weeks, we are going to hire our new committee.

If you are interested and wish to join us it is extremely simple:

1. Join us during our zoom event where we will present all the available positions.
[29.09.2021, 19h30, link: https://epfl.zoom.us/j/63304449540]

2. If you can not join us or if you already know which positions interest you. Send us an email with your motivations and the 3 positions you are interested ranked from the most to the least interested [Deadline:  03.10.2021]

Open Positions:

    • Speaker Intermediary (2x):, you will help us to find our speakers for all events. You’re job is to create a link with them and make sure they are well informed. 
    • Treasurer: you will help to manage the finance of the association, you are responsible for all transactions and you will learn to create a budget for all the events of this academic year.
    • Logistic Manager: there is an event ? you will put everything in place so that we can have a room, a camera, and all the necessary items to make our events events.
    • Sponsorship: your role is important because you will deal with our partners and maintain good relation such that we can keep organizing events in the following years.
    • Company visits: you’ll be in touch directly with the industry and help us reinforce the bridge between students and the real world.