We’re back!

We kicked off the start of the year with a series of conferences from 4 alumnis, describing their experience pursuing careers in industry, and giving great insight into how to find your first internship and how to take a successful interview.

We were very encouraged to see that you turned up in large numbers (almost 100 spectators) so we’re really excited about the next event.

Thank you so much for coming!

Special thanks to all our speakers :

Marine Meyer

She did her intership by Mimetas®. (link  here

What was it about?  Her topic was organ-on-chip technology !

She worked on the development of a working procol of the LDH assay for the OrganoPlate Graft, Liver-on-a-chip development.

Veronica Ravano

She did her internship in Siemens Healthineers ( link here)

What was she working on? Her topic was machine learning for clinical decision making based on MRI data.


Manon Reist

She did her internship in Genohm (link here ).

What was it about? She worked on the SLIMS platform.

Slims is an electronic notebooks particularly used at EPFL: for example in second year labs in life sciences !

Mathieu Jeckelmann

He did his internship in rqmicro AG (link here ).

What was he working on? His tasks were flux cytometer developments such as microfluidic process design, signal processing and firmware improvement.